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Union Common is many things. It’s an unpretentious fine dining restaurant serving creative yet approachable plates in Nashville. It’s a 1920s-inspired Art Deco bar with artfully crafted cocktails. It’s a getaway for all occasions where you prefer conversation and personality to the overwhelming bustle of other parts of the city (you know what we’re talking about).

Many people describe us as a great date night restaurant and perfect for special occasions. We don’t disagree, but believe that even the everyday should be elevated - you can find a carefully curated experience not only at dinner time, but at lunch, brunch, and Happy Hour as well.

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Our restaurant has evolved quite a bit over the years since our 2014 inception. Each new iteration and change has helped us grow and focus on curating the best experience for every person who walks through our door. Most recently, we brought on Executive Chef Stuart Stein - who has lead the charge in revamping our menu, bringing more playfulness and creativity to our dishes in a way that is still accessible. We pride ourselves on the idea that everyone should be able to pronounce the elements of our plates. We want everyone to feel welcome in our doors. There is something for your unadventurous grandma, your steak and potatoes guy, and your foodie friend who wants to stay ahead of the culinary curve.

Chef Stein has a long and decorated culinary history, and also a unique relationship with spirits. He is not only former Executive Chef for Brown-Foreman, but also founded Transformation Spirits, a Louisville, KY-based American Distilling institute and craft distillery. We’re particularly thrilled he’s bringing this experience to our new menu. You’ll see distillates and bitters not only behind our bar, but in many dishes as well.


While offering amazing food is what we do, exceptional service is at the heart of who we are. Whether you are just visiting Nashville, or among our growing number of residents, we hope you come to visit Union Common - and when you do, that it feels like home.

Owned by: Bertuca Hospitality Group, LLC
General Manager: Steven Lapiska


Loving what you’re seeing? Want to get away from the everyday for a while?